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Welcome to Peaceful Paws
Where do you go for help
with the death of a family pet?

When Your Pet Dies
A Little Piece of Your Heart Breaks......

We Understand...We Will Help You Through It

Whether you are struggling with your pets chronic illness, facing a decision about euthanasia anticipating or coping with the loss of your beloved companion.  We understand your pain is real and we offer you our compassion, understanding and support.

The decisions and plans that are before you, are painful but necessary.  We are here to help you, not only with your "Memorial Options" but the transition of your time without your precious companion.

Animals play a very unique and important role in our lives, loving us unconditionally, giving us companionship, acceptance and devotion.  The relationships that we have with our pets are among the strongest and most significant that we have known.  The emotional bonds that we develop with them are deep and strong.  When those bonds are broken the pain we feel is real.  Unfortunately, the normal life span of most companion animals is much shorter than our own.  So it is inevitable that many of us will experience the loss of at least one pet in our lifetime.  

The after life care of your pet is your final act of love.  You now must choose who, when, where and how the act of final disposition is conducted. With Peaceful Paws you may take comfort in knowing that the after life care of your pet is taken seriously and compassionately. We treat each pet as if they were our own. We will never forget that someone loves them.  

It is your choice where your pet goes for final disposition.   Peaceful Paws is a local crematory in Vancouver. We are able to pick up and return in a more timely manner.  Your pet is usually ready to return home within two or three days.  Any Veterinary Clinic can offer you cremation services.  Offering cremation service and offering "In House" cremation are two very different things.  Your precious pet never leaves our care.

It is not about your veterinary clinic or your veterinarian.  It's about you, your family and the precious life that you have just lost.  Your veterinarian and their staff are not in the after life pet care business.  They sometimes do not  understand or acknowledge that the loss of your pet is very much like the human death of a family member. More importantly, most have never been into a cremation facility and do not know the process and procedures.  Most of all our preferred Veterinarians have taken the time to visit our local facility and witness the care we take. They know when they send your pet to us that they can be comfortable in knowing that they are providing the best of care for you as their client, and the lost life that they have cared for.  Choosing the best in dedicated care is your choice to make, Please ask where your pet is being sent.  If you do not have a veterinarian and would like a referral please call us.   

Peaceful Paws is "Southwest Washington's "Only"privately owned and operated pet cremation & memorial service, owned and operated by local funeral and crematory directors.  There is no need to have your precious pet sent out of state or hours away and returned back to you, sometimes in weeks.  We will transport your pet from your veterinary clinic for you, or you may bring them directly to our centrally located facility.  Choosing Peaceful Paws to care for your animal guarantees that your pet stays local and will be ready to go back home promptly.

It is unacceptable to us that your pets remains be returned to you in a cardboard box or a tin can.  Peaceful Paws will never allow them to be returned that way.  The companions we have cherished and shared our lives with for so many years, deserve the dignity and care of a peaceful placement.

May you find solace in the "Poems of Comfort", spend some time in the "Useful links" as they will take you to resources of healing and beautiful tributes to those pets who wait at the "Rainbow Bridge".

If you need assistance, help, or just have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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You are welcome to bring your pet directly to our facility by appointment
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Animals never belong to us,
they pass through our lives on journeys of their own
They ask no more of us than
 that we love them and then they
 go on in dignity and peace

Animals come and go
with lessons to learn and lessons to teach.
So, we love them and learn
We accept the pain of their going
as we received the joy of their coming 
All  of it is a blessing

-Shirley Thayer-

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If Love Could Have Saved Them

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