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Earlier this week, you cremated my beloved cat Starbuck.  I wanted to tell you how deeply touched my husband and I were by the thoughtfulness you put into everything.

  The first thing I saw was his print cast in the plaster heart.  Is that his actual paw print? I could not believe you did that, that you would go to those lendths to preserve something so special from my little boy.  Thank you so very much for that.  It is a very special keepsake for us.

 In he past when I have had a pet cremated, I have received the ashes in a paper bag inside a cardboard box.  While zI was not unhappy with this, I was so pleasently surprised to find that you you gave us Starbuck's ashes in a beautiful wooden box with his name on it.  Again, thank you so very much.  It's a great releif not to have to shop for a box or an urn at a time like this.

Finally, the fact that you keep on file a print of his paw and a clipping of his fur is something so beyond thoughtful,  I just don't have words for it.  When I lost my first kitty 3 years ago, I had planned to get a clipping of her fur, but when the time came, there was too much grief and other things going on to remember to do that.   In the midst of your pet getting sick, and the vet visits and the always unexpected death, it's not something you remember.  I even remember getting home the day Starbuck died and thinking "I didn't get a piece of his fur". Thank you SO MUCH for providing this service, for remembering us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these things.  You go above and beyond in your service.  We are truly grateful.  Please feel free to copy this on your web site as a testimonial if you wish.  I would like for everyone to know what a wonderful thing you do.

Brandy & Chad,  Vancouver, WA.
My much-loved poodle, Teddy, passed away at age 12 in November and Hazel Dell Animal Clinic referred his disposition to your care.

I've been very remiss in not contacting you sooner and I do apoligize.  You should know how grateful I am for the caring manner in which every aspect of Teddy's aftercare was handled.  His remains could not have been more respectfully returned to me.

His beautiful containment box with inscription is reminiscent of a human cremation and indicates just how high your standards are.  Your inclusion of informative and spritual litrature was helpful and empathetic.  We who are left to grieve do appreciate this quality of understanding.

I have certainly spread the word about your excellent company and have done many "show and tells" from Teddy's little care bag.  Many friends are like I was and unaware of your close location.  My past pet cremations bare no resemblance to your sophisticated operation and I commend you!

Thanks so much for thinking of just everything.  Your thoughtfulness in keeping a pawprint and tuft of fur in your file is consideration beyond the extra step.  I may just request these "extras" as mementos before the year is up.

A big thank you from my family and me.  Your attention to detail is such a comfort and I wish you continued success.

My wife and I want to thank you for your lovely handling of the dispostion of our beloved Rudiger, the german shepherd dog.  Everything that came with him when he was returned to us was lovely and unexpected.  Where we had planned to spread him at his favorite spot, we have since decided to keep him with us always because of he came home to us.
Thank you again andshould we have friends who must partake, unfortunately, of your services we will certainly recommend you.

John & Alice
To our friends at Peaceful Paws,

I have worked with a lot of organizations in my life, but I can honestly say I have never dealt with a kinder and more caring outfit.  My husband was very close to his dog, Mickey.  You recognized that bond and treated evrything with dignity.  Thank you so muchfor making everything about his passing easier.  My husband has given your number to some people he works with, they may soon be contacting you.  
Thank you so much for being there.   Linda
Thank you very much for your thoughtful care of our dog...Tipsy.  She was such a sweet girl and we miss her dearly.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness has helped us begin to heal.  God bless you...
Colleen & John
If Love Could Have Saved Them

            They Would Have Lived Forever
  We so appreciate the loving care and detail you showed to our special dog, Teddy Too. At a time when we could hardly breath and think, you meticulously took care of him, and in turn, took care of us. Thank you for what you do; it is a gift to those of us who consider our pets as family.
 With heartfelt thanks, 
Bob & Jacki, Vancouver, WA

  We wanted to thank you for how quickly you corrected a spelling error. Our veterinarian at Ocean Beach Animal Hospital admitted the error was on their end. Losing our beloved 12 year golden girl has been very difficult and the spelling error was a tough pill to swallow. After contacting our vet and arranging pick up and delivery at a vet closer to our home in Woodland you folks took care of this right away and got our girl's remains back to us very quickly which meant a lot to us, Thank you!

I received my golden retrievers ashes today. I just have to say after all the pain and heartbreak the amount time and respect that went into how his ashes were handled by Peaceful Paws made me very happy. I have a beautiful box to treasure and varies items that meant a lot thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I can't put into words how special having her for 19 years (my entire adult life so far) was. or how hard its been the past few weeks without her.  CRVS assured me that you all would treat her gently, with dignity and respect, understanding she's anything but "just a cat", and when I received her remains back today and saw the care with which she was packaged, and everything you included with her, I knew that's exactly how she was treated.  You cannot know what it means to me to have her back home with me, or just how grateful I am to all of you, who I have never met, that she was treated with such care.
Thank you for the great care with which you handled her remains and returned them to me.  Thank you for understanding she wasn't just an animal, she was family, Truly.