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Paw Print Odyssey Collection
Brass Urns with Slate, Pewter or Copper finish

Small           25ci.     $ 85.00
Medium        30ci.    $100.00
Large            70ci.    $115.00
Portion Heart  3ci.     $ 85.00
Bridge to Heaven. 

Solid brass protected by Gloss Coat technology to provide a durable, high gloss finish. Bright color with paw prints on arch. Bottom-opening threaded closure. Includes velvet urn pouch.

Small 40 ci.  $150.00
Large 60 ci.   $175.00
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Love Heart.
Solid brass protected with GlossCoat technology. Handcrafted featuring hand engraved gold & silver paw prints. 
Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors. Bronze, Red & Midnight
Small,  20ci     $125.00
Large,   50ci    $165.00
Love Drop. 
Hand applied pearlescent enamel creates a prismatic effect. Silver paws keep the memory alive. 
60 cu. in., 6"H.
 Available in 3 colors. Bronze, Midnight & Pearl
Arille Hearts

Brass Heart Urns, Available in Ruby, Sky Blue & Night Sky.  Holds up to 15ci. 4.5"x4.2"
Engraving available    $125.00
Odyssey Classic Paw
Brass urns with paws prints
Brass, Pewter, Slate & Raku

Large Pet or Family Pet Urn     
Extra Small
Heart Keepsake

10.4 x 6.1      195ci.      $150.00
  7.1 x 5.175ci.             $115.00
  5.9 x 3.940ci.             $100.00
  4.9 x 3.525ci.             $  85.00
  2.9 x 2.73  ci.             $  85.00
Classic Pet,   Crimson or Violet

Large Pet or Family Pet Urn
Extra Small

10.3 x 6.0195     $150.00
7.2 x 5.2   85        $125.00
6.0 x 4.0   40        $100.00
5.0 x 3.6   25          $ 85.00

If Love Could Have Saved You

        You Would Have Lived Forever